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. especially santa rosa, napa, upper 30s to 40s. another cool day on tap for tomorrow. as you can see another similar weather story to what we saw today about the strong winds and the chance of rain. and then a slight warm-up through the end of the workweek. so for all the trick or treaters out there, should be a pretty nice thursday night. >> that is good. elizabeth, thank you so much. >>> breaking news right now out of texas. a federal judge declared texas abortion restrictions, blocking their enforcement. district judge said it violated and unreasonably accessed to abortion clinics and abandons it at 20 weeks of pregnancy and all abortions in surgical facilities. the proposed restrictions among the toughest in the nation and gain notoriety when wendy davis launched a 13 hour filibuster against them in june. >>> another student rising above success story. how this proud college graduate rose above a childhood surrounded by violence. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, our student rising above to grew up in the sunnydale projects in san >>> a student rising above grew up in the sunny dale project where a w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1